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Handmade polish sausage, pierogi and more

Est. 2014 Indianapolis, IN


Big Things are in the works!

Tradition. Growing up in South Bend, Indiana, I never really thought that my family had many traditions. Although I knew my dad was of Polish decent and my mom German, we didn’t do a lot of things that were nationality specific. One thing we did do however, was eat real Polish Sausage. Always a staple at weddings and parties, it was simply something you just thought everyone had. Most people believe Polish Sausage is red and can be found at any grocery store. They may know it as Kielbasa, which actually means sausage in Polish. But this is not REAL Polish Sausage. Real Polish Sausage is not red! Real Polish Sausage has a grey tint to it and explodes with flavor. Real Polish Sausage CANNOT be purchased in central Indiana. Armed with decades old recipes and a love for cooking, Son of a Booshie plans to fill this void

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My experience cooking began when I was in college. This is when I was first separated from my mom’s home cooking. I lived off campus and for the first time had to fend for himself for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started asking her mom for her recipes. The first thing that I ever made of hers was Cheesy Potato Soup with Dumplings. Although it wasn’t quite hers, it still turned out amazing.  Fast forward a little to January of 1996. This is an important date in our little story as this is when I moved to Indianapolis. This is key because I was unable to purchase Polish Sausage – REAL Polish Sausage, anywhere in Indy. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this is where it all started. There was nothing like it then, and there is nothing like it now.


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